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MICROSITES…Irrespective of whether or not you have an existing website or not, we encourage you to consider the use of our Microsites to drive traffic to your business.
These microsites are only found through search queries on the Internet. They are NOT backed up by any other form of PR or marketing and SO the statistics we offer showing the traffic they bring to your business are based 100% on our search engine optimisation [SEO].
Think about this analogy. You are offering a friend, colleague or client directions to your business or home. You rarely assume the direction from which they will be travelling so you offer them alternative routes as more often than not there are varying roads and streets they can drive down or cross to reach their destination. Likewise, we would like to offer you fresh avenues to drive traffic to your business, website or indeed to your one-off branded website, should you not already have one.
We will set up a single page microsite, with your own branding – and back this with local search engine optimisation. Additional microsites can be purchased if required to promote other aspects of your business with other keywords/keyphrases…but why stop at one site!
WANT MORE….then we can add additional MICROSITES to promote your business, service or product, with the help of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION [seo]
Our website www.e-scot.net
We can of course build a full small business website, at competitive rates and offer search engine optimisation at an additional cost, however that said, we believe our MICROSITES to be strong enough and at a cost that you can afford, appreciate to a degree that you’ll keep coming back for more, when you see the stats that prove that our service works!!
E-Scot.net www.e-scot.net for MICROSITE ADVERTISING SCOTLAND, UK